Philartofphi is global art platform, special initiative to help school raise funds for specific cause or orgnisations, while promoting the aspiring student artist through real market exposure, in ecologically sustainable manner. “” is available to consumers 24/7, 365 days a year.

PhilArtOfPhi is a collaborative efforts to connect five different type of audiences.

Firstly we have the schools, who want to generate funds for different causes or organization, and also want to promote art in their student and help them make transition to the professional world by providing them real life exposure at no cost.

Then we have the student who want to be part of these efforts of fund raising and become channel for them. Usually they gain satisfaction from raising funds and working for the bigger cause, but how about doubling this satisfaction by letting them see how their art is also getting appreciated by the real world, while they raise funds for the cause they love.

The king consumer, who can easily connect with PhilArtOfPhi. They would broadly be classified in two categories,
-First category would be art lovers, who just love art and therefore would want buy but high quality paintings at low cost.
-Second the of consumer is the one who are really involved in various fund rising efforts or involved with various charities or their events, they would love to donate for specific cause they identify themselves with, while getting something valuable in return in addition to the great satisfaction it bring for supporting the cause.

Last but not the least there are the different NGO, charities and foundations, who are working for specific causes to help alleviate the society pain and make this a better world to live in. All NGO can now easily promote fund raising by involving various school and thereby helping the society as a whole.

One platform that connects Schools, Charities, Students, Art lovers and Philanthropists together!